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Client focused Home Design Services

Join us for Lindal's webinar on Client focused home design with OM Studio on Wednesday Sept 5 at 6pm MST 

This webinar is hosted by Aris George, the owner of OM Studios and former faculty member of almost 30 years at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.  Airs lead in the collaboration between the school and Lindal in the creation of the Architects Collaborative and the Lindal Imagine Series. 

During this Webinar you will learn about the process and how to get started. You will also learn about the benefits of partnering with OM Studios for a more collaborative home design experience - at the fraction of the cost of hiring an architect.

Join us by registering for the Home Design Services Webinar today>>

To learn how to build your dream home with Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes, call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here: Register With Fine Point Cedar Homes.

Sunday January 27th Webinar featuring Aris George

Join us on Sunday January 27th for an exciting and inspiring presentation featuring the one and only Aris George! In this webinar, not only will you be able to learn about Lindal's design and build processes, but you will also get to learn from an architect's perspective. 

Aris George has taught at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture for nearly 30 years, and he led the school's collaboration with Lindal to create the Architects Collaborative and the Imagine Series. 

If you're looking to build an architecturally-inspired custom Lindal home or a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home from one of our planbooks, look no further. Aris George is the architect for the job. He has worked with the Lindal design team since 2013, and his stunning designs are features in the Lindal Modern plan book. Aris brings his passion for Wright's principles and the Lindal Elements System to life with his use of 3D graphics throughout your personalized design process. 

Register here for his presentation and learn how Aris can help you design the home of your dreams. 


Join Us On Wed Dec 5th for a Once in a Lifetime Webinar!

Have you been wanting to build your very own Lindal home? Are you looking for that personalized experience when building your home? Does your wish list include a fully custom built home? Look no further than our free webinar coming up on Wednesday December 5th! 

Not only will this webinar explore the planning, designing, and building processes within Lindal Homes, it will also be presented by Aris George! Aris is a Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture graduate, as well as a former faculty member. Georges has also designed several of the new Imagine Series homes! This is a perfect way to get to know the custom home building process through one of the best architects

Following the webinar, there will be a live Q&A where your questions will be answered by Aris himself! Don't miss this opportunity and register today! ! 

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