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Ready to Design and Build Your New Home? Exceptional Quality!

Spring is here ~ the time is Now!  

As the world’s leading manufacturer of custom Cedar homes, we know what it takes to transform your dreams into a living environment that reflects your passion, your priorities, and your personal sense of comfort, security and style.

 The exceptional quality of our building materials, engineering and design process also supports quality construction, helping to ensure you enjoy the best building experience and custom home value in the market today and tomorrow!

We provide estimates for a turnkey design.  A minimal initial deposit triggers our Lindal Drafting team and Lindal Engineering team to produce preliminary plans and revisions as needed.  On your approval, Final Construction Plans are produced.

You let us know when you are ready for your home and we will begin the manufacture of your home and schedule delivery.

Architectural Designs, Engineered for your building site, Quality Building Materials, Dependable Construction teams ready to go - what are you waiting for?


Need More Sunshine? A Lindal Sunroom Can Help!


Spring is the calendar tells us.  Are you looking outside at snow, and dull skies?  You may want to consider opening your home to allow more sunlight, to brighten your home .... and your mood!  When you view photos of some of our customers homes with their beautiful Lindal windows, sunrooms and skywalls, it is like being on a vacation every day of your life!  Plan now, don't wait.  Spring is here, isn't is about time?  You deserve it!  Cool




Lindal Sunroom

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