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Lock in the Price of Your Dream Home Today

If you've been watching the news, then you know that the price of wood is continuing to skyrocket as the building boom continues. 

This means that those cost of building a custom home is going up and for those who are thinking about their custom dream home, this can be scary!

Wanting your custom (retirement, vacation, etc) home to come to life is a great thing, why worry about rising costs on top of everything else? As materials and lumber costs spike, a price-lock is the best way to start your new home project with security and peace of mind.

For our clients that are on the fence or undecided, we have an amazing promotion happening now! 

Make a down-payment on your Lindal home by June 15, 2021, and Lindal will guarantee today‚Äôs pricing on your home package for delivery through November 2021. We are currently the only custom home supplier that is offering this deal!

Why can we offer this when no one else can? Simple, we can only make this offer because of our long-standing relationships with premium lumber and other material suppliers! 

You don't build up a great reputation over 75 years without building strong and lasting relationships!

We know that you won't regret your decision to build with us!

Lindal - Building Your Legacy