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Green Living Starts At Home

Blueprint for Building a Green Home

Lindal homes are renowned not only for their seamless integration with the natural surroundings but also for our unwavering commitment to preserving the environment they celebrate. 

Our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship permeates every aspect of our work, encompassing design, material selection, site choice, construction techniques, and beyond. If you are in search of eco-friendly prefab homes.



For over two decades, Lindal Cedar Homes has collaborated with the American Forests Global ReLeaf program, actively replenishing trees felled for our homes. Pioneering green home construction, Lindal has championed the use of energy-efficient windows, engineered wood, and other sustainable materials. 


The Results of Our Efforts

Our efforts have earned recognition from local and national media, with the distinction of being the fist green approved by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center and the sole single-family home featured in TIME magazine's Green Design 100.