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The Best Value Guaranteed

Since 1945, Lindal’s mission has always been to provide the best value in custom housing. We have had to changed as the world changes but what has not changed is our passion for quality craftmanship and unique home designs.

Your Fine Point Cedar Homes and Lindal Experience will include:

  • Personalized site evaluation          
  • Expert design guidance – 3 Design Program Options to choose from
  • The largest portfolio of modern and classic post and beam designs to personalize to your lifestyle or the option to design a one of a kind Lindal…
  • The attentive service and guidance of Barb and Doug Pocha
  • The legendary Lindal post and beam building system utilizing the most beautiful natural materials available, all covered by a lifetime structural warranty
  • Energy efficiency and reduced costs
  • Personalized Project Management Services during the construction process
  • A variety of design service options that make it easy and cost-effective to confirm that the design and its cost are what you expect before you spend months of time planning every detail

Think about Lindal's Fall 2022 promo. Knowing that your Lindal Material costs are locked in will provide peace of mind  during your home building journey!

To learn how to build a Custom with Fine Point Cedar Homes, call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here: Register with Fine Point Cedar Homes.

Roof Lines!!

No matter the house, roofs have more purpose other than just protecting the home!  With the right materials, proper drainage, and well-thought-out engineering, you can have a roof line that helps define the overall style of your home as well as make your home more energy efficient, resilient and can also create a more defined interior space.

Living in Western Canada, areas that get a lot of snow often have similar-looking 'pitched' roofs. All Lindal designs are engineered to adhere to the specific snow loads of any region across Canada or around the world.

We often get questions on whether our custom homes can have flat or sloped roofs, and the answer is of course!

There are many benefits to having a sloped or flat roof! 

Allowing snow to accumulate on your roof can actually help to provide a kind of blanket that allows for insulation for the spaces beneath it.  Roofs like this can make for a more energy-efficient home and green home.