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Large views ~ Large windows - of course!

Lindal's patented post and beam for a blue laminate building system allows floor to ceiling wall to wall glass. Our Professional architects and engineers create your plans with us, for your wishes and within your budget, to take in your best views.  For views facing west? No problem! We site your home for your best views with any size large overhangs with no obstructions. These protect direct sun in the heat of the summer and yet allow the warmth and beauty into your home during the winter months! Your multiple window choices of high energy efficient windows (five panes or three panes of glass  with two spaces or one space or Low E Argon; with UV protective coating, or  tinting).

Multiple choices to fit every budget.

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Designing Webinar - Wed June 28: Building Within Budget

Our modern home webinar takes the guesswork out of planning and building your new home. Learn about the Lindal Elements approach to home design. Preview the work of the Architects Collaborative, floor plans and home design concepts from OM Studio, and the Urban Series for city living. With the flexible, efficient and predictable Lindal Elements system, we can help you create a home you love, within your budget constraints, and built to last a lifetime.

Affordable. Timeless. Personal and Caring Service.  Why settle for less?

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Green from the Ground Up

Perhaps the most widely recognized feature of a Lindal home is its relationship to the natural environment. Proper house siting is the foundation of environmentally responsible building. Taking advantage of the path of the sun, using existing vegetation to provide summer shade, taking advantage of the topography and the prevailing winds.                     Gathering local environmental data, walking and exploring your building site will help us to get to know you, your site, and your vision. Care well spent to create a happier healthier home that is in sync with nature.

Affordable. Timeless. Personal and Caring Service. Lifetime Structural Warranty.  Why settle for less?

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