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About Our Quick Ship Program

What this program presents!

The quick ship program presents a selection of highly sought-after homes, all fully designed and reaching the final permit stage, ensuring swift delivery to your chosen construction site. 

Connecting With Different Sites

Numerous homes within this program are pre-engineered to meet various site conditions, such as specific snow and wind loads, accommodating even to steep or narrow lots. Offering you the advantage of convenience and affordability, a menu of optional modifications is available, allowing you to customize your home efficiently and with cost-effectiveness in mind.

Benefits Of This Program

As a special benefit, Lindal Quick Ship homes are sold at discounted rates (certain conditions apply), and their shipping time is significantly faster compared to our more extensively tailored home packages.

To learn how to build your dream home with Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes, call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register at

The Right Floor Plan For You!

Customize Your Floor Plan

In today's more modern market, individuals seek homes that match their specific needs to their lifestyles, and that is where Lindal comes into place, with our post-and-beam construction method. The concept of housing has rapidly evolved to meet different individual tastes. Lindal, a trustworthy pioneer has cultivated popularity for its quality when providing homes.