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Choosing a Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes Home - How Much Does it Cost?

Whether you are buying or building, the purchase of a home is expensive. It is a purchase that takes time and planning, especially when you are building a new home. Many people save for this purchase and therefore want to know what the pricing is before venturing into building a custom dream home.

There are many factors that can increase or decrease the price of your home. These factors are something that Doug and Barb Pocha will go over with you when you meet with them

It is hard to put a set starting price when it comes to a custom home because plans can change, timelines can be pushed back, just as there are many factors that increase or decrease the price, these same factors make it hard to give a firm starting price.

However, we will try to give you an idea of what the price of a custom home could be!

If you would like to start building in the next few years, it would be a good idea to start designing and planning at least 12 months prior to construction start, which gives you ample time to make decisions. This is not the time for rash or rushed decisions! 

Placing your home on a basement or crawl space, or on a slab, are choices that makes a difference in costs. 

The energy codes for Canada are ever changing, and we design to meet and exceed these codes if you prefer to be prepared for Net Zero 2030 in Canada. Wanting an energy efficient home can and often will affect the price of your home, so we can give you the options, and you can decide!

Generally, the cost to build in the Prairie Western provinces can run anywhere from $250-$350 / Sq. Ft range (or more), this also depends on who the contractor/builder you choose; this is true whether stick frame or our patented exclusive Structurally Engineered Post and Beam building system. The Lindal Difference is that we offer triple grade materials, kiln dried, a cut above; backed by our exclusive warranty -  the home building industry‚Äôs only Lifetime Structural Warranty!

Once you have your plans, we use our 3D Modeling and Design process to architecturally design you home! This means you know what your home looks like and we can then give you guaranteed costs before a shovel hits the ground! 

We offer you the best way to design your home - making your choices for your lifestyle and your wallet. Barb and Doug will work with your budget expectations, step by step, fully transparent, with guaranteed contracts! They will be there to help and chat along the way and ensure that your home truly is your dream home!

Lindal - Building Your Legacy

To learn how to build your dream home with Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes, call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here: Register with Fine Point Cedar Homes.

Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes Lifetime Warranty

Building your dream home is a significant investment! We know that you and your family want to work with a company you can trust, one with a reputation for top quality materials, excellent customer service, and a Lifetime Structural Warranty that no other company in the industry offers! 

That company is us!

Lindal has a 75-year tradition of excellence; we design our homes for flexibility and endurance. Barb and Doug Pocha have been building quality custom homes in Western Canada for over 20 years. Together with Lindal, they have an unmatched Lifetime Structural Warranty and dedicated customer service; Doug and Barb will support you like no other.

Experiencing the Lindal and Fine Point Cedar Homes difference will include the building industry's best guarantee; a Lifetime Structural Warranty. Our warranty against structural defects assures you that your dream custom home is backed by a promise and a company you can count on. 

Modern. Affordable. Timeless. Personal and Caring Service. 

Lindal - Building Your Legacy