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OM Studio Webinar - Sunday, February 21st

This Sunday, Lindal Cedar Homes will be holding a webinar with Mr. Aris Georges, an esteemed and accomplished architect and the principal of OM Studio.

 Aris, taught at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture for nearly 30 years. He led the school's collaboration in creating the Lindal Architects Collaborative and Imagine Series and has worked with the Lindal design team since 2013.

Barb and Doug Pocha of Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes have worked and collaborated with Aris on many projects in the past. He is a passionate expert with great ideas and a solid knowledge of Frank Lloyd Wright's principles.

Learn more about the collaborative home design process when creating a custom Lindal home. Aris brings his passion for Frank Lloyd Wright's principles and the Lindal Elements system to life with a masterful use of 3D graphics throughout the design process. 

Join him this Sunday, February 21st at 1:00 p.m. MST (12 p.m. EST)., for an inspiring presentation and learn how he can help you design your dream home. 

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