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More Than Designs - Turn Key Options

We Design, Deliver and Build!

We work with you throughout the full design process, selecting local trades and bidding out for competitive pricing; we offer comprehensive Project Management with absolute transparency.  We supply your Lindal materials package, and then oversee and manage the construction, from excavation to move in ready.  

You have many options out there, we believe choosing us – Lindal – bidding to local trades through us (no markup, fully transparent) – Lifetime Structural Warranties – triple grade kiln dried materials – a variety of budget saving options – Designing Team – LEED Energy professional Team – 77 years of Lindal expertise, and 23 years of our experience – is the first of many great decisions you will make on the journey to building your forever home.

Note that all our architectural designers create your Custom Lindal Home, and all fees are a deposit only, and fully credited towards your Lindal Custom Home. No other architect will refund their invoice! However, if you have previously designed architectural plans, we can work with your preferred architect if already developed elsewhere.

Step by step from design to move-in:  Customers Testimonials>>


To learn more and see how you can start planning your dream home today!
Call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here to Get started on your journey>>

Who Are We? What can we do for you?

We are a locally owned independent distributor for Lindal Cedar Homes, having been established for over 23 years, building beautiful Lindal Homes for our customers, in all jurisdictions, on environmentally protected lakes, in National parks – Regional parks – Provincial parks, on any site, right across Western Canada!


We have been Lindal's Top Canadian Dealer 2021, 2019/2018/2016! We have been one of Lindal's Top Lindal Distributors Worldwide since 2006 and were awarded the Top Worldwide Dealer in 2016! Prairie Cedar Homes TOPS!  WorldWide! >>

Our Red-Carpet Service - What We do for You:

We provide full Project Management with full transparency.  We supply your Lindal materials package, work with local trades and contractors and request quotations from them on your behalf, and then oversee and manage the construction, from excavation to move in ready. We custom design for your site and your wish-list, to work within your budget. 

Our Team for you includes:

3D Home Plan Design with our Professors of Architecture or drafting team (design costs are included in our Lindal Materials package costs)

Interior Designing - with access to discounted suppliers, if you wish, for your finishing choices

An Energy Review for the New Energy Codes and Permitting process by our LEED Certified Professional team that is specific to your local building permits

Obtain quality and fair priced quotations from local trades for full construction and overseeing the project until move-in

Passive Solar and other 'Green Power' options - engineered for our Lifetime Structural Warranty codes. In readiness for Net Zero 2030 initiative

To learn more and see how you can start planning your dream home today! Call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here to Get started on your journey>>

Usonian Homes - Lindal Imagine Series - Webinar March 30 - 5pm

Lindal's Imagine Series is the best of the past updated and refined to meet the needs of the present!

Join us for the Lindal Imagine Series Webinar on March 30th - 5pm PST 

"Out of the Ground and into the Light!" - Frank Lloyd Wright

Explore the Lindal Elements approach to home design, our flexible, modular designs and the Lindal system. Join Aris George, Principal of OM Studios, and Trina Lindal, Graduate of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, as they guide you through this unique presentation of 9 Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian-inspired home designs. These homes have been thoughtfully designed to meet the lifestyles of today's families with thoughtful spaces for peaceful contemplation and boisterous gatherings. Register for the Webinar here>>

Learn how Fine Point Cedar Homes can take the guesswork out of planning and building the home you've Imagined and that you'll love for a lifetime. Call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here to Get started on your journey>>

Be sure to ask about Lindal's Imagine Series historic and exciting product discount offer!!

Plan Your Lindal Custom Home From Home

During this challenging time, you may have a lot on your mind. How to help your kids with their school work, how to work from home or even how to continue with planning, creating, and building your Lindal custom home. You may also wonder how you'll be able to design or build a custom home while being at home.

Don't fret, there are 12 things you can do to continue one with your dream house planning, all without leaving your home!


Two Ways to Plan Your Lindal Dream Home From Home

1) Register and View the Lindal Home Design Plan Book

If you are in the beginning stages of planning, there are many things you need to do. Lock in an interest rate for one, but you also need to think about the style of home you are wanting.

Do you want contemporary, classic, architectural design? Lindal has it all, but we would suggest that you view the Lindal Home Design Plan Books.

You can look at this book for free online.


2) Attend a Lindal Webinar

We offer webinars that help our customers understand the design process and the unique home lines that we have. Building a new custom home can be complicated and overwhelming, so we have designed our webinars to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

You are also able to sign up for upcoming webinars that will help you new Lindal series, elements of home design, and more!


There are many more things that you can do to continue with your planning on your dream home. Click here to see the other ten suggestions!






Mortgage Rates For Custom Homes-Design Your Dream Home

 Lindal Custom Home - Washington
During this crisis, it may be hard to find the bright side of things, but here is one: interest rates are at their lowest! Now is a great time to lock in your mortgage rate and begin designing and planning your custom dream home. 

Should I look into mortgage rates right now?

Long-term planning allows for wise, well-thought-out decisions, and will enable you to see the many options that are available to you. You and your family should take the next few weeks or months to begin planning and reviewing what you truly want in a home.
You can also start speaking to us to help you in your decision making, as we can show you what options are available within your budget.

Locking in your pricing with Lindal Custom Home Builders

Once we have spoken and you have your design set, we guarantee your pricing!

Locking in current pricing by the end of 2020 for starting your construction into the spring/summer of 2021 is the best option for controlling your budget - and we may be the only company that can do that in this market!

As the largest and most trusted custom home company, we can ship all over the world. Essentially, we're the superstore of high-quality building products and pricing! Not only that, but we offer a lifetime warranty on your home. 

Lower mortgage rates in 2020?

While rates are the lowest they have been in decades, some banks are raising mortgage rates due to COVID-19, but the rates are under 3%. Remember, mortgage rates in the 1980s were 18-20%.

Now they are some of the lowest in history - Under 3%. The best time to lock in rates for your dream home is now! 

Your Dream Home Awaits

With all of the reasons outlined above

  • low mortgage rates 
  • guaranteed pricing
  • high-quality materials
  • lifetime warranty 
it is a great time to start planning your custom dream home. We want you to be in the best position to move ahead and to design your home, one that you can virtually see and walk through before we even put a shovel in the ground. 


Lindal Custom Lake House - Ontario


Learn How You Can Build and Plan Your Dream Home: Call (403) 452-5511 or Contact Us Today

How to Find Your Custom Home in Saskatchewan


Lindal Prairie Style House - Front View

You've finally decided to build a custom home in Saskatchewan, now what do you do?

Lindal Cedar Homes have been a leader in custom-built homes in the Prairies for the last 70 years. Barb and Doug Pocha have been serving and running their Lindal dealership since 2000 and are a leader in prefab homes in Saskatchewan. When you choose to build your custom home in Saskatchewan it will be built to your liking as you choose everything from the roof to the floor plan. We ensure that your house is to your liking and fits well within your chosen neighborhood. As a leader in prefab homes in Saskatchewan, we can create your dream home off-site and bring it to you! Our hallmarks are careful home planning, premium and sustainable building materials, and an efficient, predictable, modern prefab system for design and delivery of your home package. In our office and in the field, we work together as a team. Our goal is to ensure your successful experience through the entire process.

Your Custom Home

Residents of Saskatchewan trust us because we help home builders like you create your perfect home with an expert team for designers, engineers, and architects. We let you be the boss of your dream, we simply help you get there. 

We want to help you build your home.

When you build with Lindal we guarantee 7 things:

  • Flexibility
  • Sustainability
  • Refinement
  • Predictability
  • Endurable
  • Efficient
  • Created With Local Service & Expertise

Prefab Custom Home

We have recently partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to bring the residents of Saskatchewan the Lindal Imagine Series. This series has seven designs that you and your family can choose from they come with premium materials and a lifetime structural warranty. Barb and Doug will work with you to finalize the design of your home, a home that incorporates Wright's Usonian design principles.

Our new series of prefab homes are created to suit the lifestyle of families today. Each new home share design principles of the original Usonian house plans. Each has open floor plans, a strong horizontal emphasis, and is integrated with nature. Additionally, every home emphasizes an interplay with light and shadow, is energy efficient and has flexible floor plans. Homebuyers can add basements and garages, or alter the angle of the roof or its pitch.

You and your family will be able to choose the size of how that best fits your family's needs, and best suit the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan. The homes are aesthetically beautiful, modest in size—ranging from small homes and cottages under 900 square feet to larger homes in the range of 3,000 square feet—yet spacious and filled with light. They are thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, whether in the rural, urban or suburban setting of Saskatchewan

If you have been looking for the company to build your dream house in Saskatchewan, Lindal's representatives Barb and Doug Pocha are the people to contact. They will help you along in the process and create your dream house.

Learn How You Can Build Your Saskatchewan Dream Home: Call 1 (306) 934-6666 or Contact Us Today.


Lindal Prairie Style House - Backyard View

WHAT - NO Cedar you Say?

David Vandervort 2270     

No longer building Solid Cedar - for over 40 years now.....YES ITS TRUE.  Lindal is a leader in home design, engineering, quality materials, traditionally carried out through independent Business Owners - like us, Barb and Doug Pocha.....Lindal has been around for 75 always, nothing stays the same! 

Our building system is FIR Glulaminate KILN Dried Engineered post and beams structure - allowing you wide open spaces, warmer and beautiful, an option to cold STEEL!  The industry's ONLY Lifetime Structural Warranty.  You have so many options and choices to work in any budget range!  But you may want some Cedar!  You may want to choose our beautiful clear kiln dried CEDAR for under a patio, or perhaps for your soffits, or ceiling liner to create a warm cozy room in a loft ceiling.  Our CEDAR trim for your windows and baseboards is an option, or perhaps you would prefer FIR or HEMLOCK?  Your siding options could be an aluminum, or concrete composite siding (50 year warranties!). or perhaps placement of our beautiful 4" or 6" Clear Cedar around your grand entry to give it that WOW factor!

From Design to Plans to FULL Construction, Barb and Doug will guide you step by step, in this amazing experience and personal path to living your life in the home you will love!  Check out some of our references here:  click here

Have you looked at our portfolio of exquisite designs?  Do you know that Architects from all over the continent have been given exclusive permission for our Lindal patented building system, and granted the opportunity to create for our portfolio, for you, aesthetically beautiful, various sizes, spacious, with soaring floor to ceiling wall to wall windows.  These beautiful designs are thoughtfully created to integrate seamlessly with your lots surroundings, whether rural or urban.

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