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Need More Sunshine? A Lindal Sunroom Can Help!


Spring is the calendar tells us.  Are you looking outside at snow, and dull skies?  You may want to consider opening your home to allow more sunlight, to brighten your home .... and your mood!  When you view photos of some of our customers homes with their beautiful Lindal windows, sunrooms and skywalls, it is like being on a vacation every day of your life!  Plan now, don't wait.  Spring is here, isn't is about time?  You deserve it!  Cool




Lindal Sunroom

Building a Cottage on a Vacation Property?

Looking for that great escape to the peace and quiet of lake country, listening to the cry of the lonely loon, or the sound of your tackle as it first hits the water? Something about that ping as your golf club hits the ball in the sweet spot..... Lazy hazy days of summer are soon to arrive! 

Moving into your beautiful Lindal Home is like being on vacation every day of your life!  Unsurpassed quality, backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty. 

Lindal’s Post and Beam building allows for expansive walls of glass to take advantage of the views and lighting of your building site…

-          To frame your favourite view

-          To paint your room with ever changing natural light from sun rise to sun set

-          Brings fresh air and fragrance of nature into your home

Lindal has spent nearly 7 decades perfecting the process of creating Dream Homes.  Along the way we have eliminated the stresses in building a custom home – beyond the pleasures of planning your homes and choosing interior furnishings, most activity occurs on our end, with us -  Prairie Cedar Homes -  as your local Dealer, and Lindal’s drafting and manufacturing teams.

The exceptional quality of our building materials, engineering and design process also supports quality construction, helping to ensure you enjoy the best building experience and custom home value in the market today and tomorrow!

Dwell Homes Collection Live - Online Webinar

Date: April 16, 2014

Event: Dwell Homes Collection Live Online Webinar

Time: 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)

Dwell Homes Collection
LIVE webinar this Wednesday! 

Attend this live webinar from your computer and learn how Lindal, Turkel Design, and us, Prairie Cedar Homes -  your Lindal dealer - can create your modern dream home. With new designs and photos, you'll get a sneak peek at the latest Dwell homes being designed today!

Register Here:

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