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The Future of Home Construction: The Lindal Elements Building System

The Future Of Home Construction:

The main objective behind the development of Lindal's Elements Building System was to address the challenges posed by modern complex environments and the lifestyles associated with them. Our aim was to enhance the existing Lindal system to improve efficiency, enabling us to create designs in a more cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Moreover, we have focused on enhancing the flexibility and speed of the system to meet diverse climatic requirements. This has been achieved by expanding the range of material options available for each component, allowing for greater adaptability to different environmental conditions.

Designing with ease:

The Lindal Elements system allows us to create one-of-a-kind designs that help you create the house of your dreams with every little detail your vision has and as unique as it can be. We have enhanced our system's capability to rapidly calculate the prices of our clients' customized material choices as the design evolves, prioritizing the most unique designs.


Building Green

Lindal always prioritizes using sustainable materials, these include the following:

  • fiber cement siding (maintenance free) or kiln dried cedar siding
  • premium framing materials (kiln dried)
  • laminated Douglas fir beams
  • energy-efficient windows and doors
  • architectural-grade beams
  • high-grade hardware