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Smart Solutions for Steep Lot Building

The main reason that many people choose to build on a steep slope lot is because of the unparalleled views that are afforded by this type of lot. Building a home on sloped lot presents unique challenges but also allows for exceptional home design opportunities. Lindal’s one-of-a-kind post and beam system allows for you to adapt your design specifically to your site and building requirements. Who better to have help you build your dream home on your steep sloped lot then Fine Point Cedar Homes and our 23 years of building expertise.


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Lindal's Fall 2022 Promotion

No one can predict future market trends or foresee material costs increase, however, with Lindal's Fall Price Lock you can be sure of your material package costs!

Only we can make this offer because of our long-standing relationships with premium material suppliers. We are unaware of any other custom home supplier who can match this offer.


Make a down-payment on your Lindal home by December 31, 2022, and Lindal will lock in today’s pricing on your home package for delivery through to 2023.


You may think that it isn't a good time to build your dream home…. But it is! 

Wanting your custom home to come to life is a great thing, why worry about rising costs on top of everything else?  

A price-lock is the best way to start your new home project with security and peace of mind.

Incredibly Lindal will fully credit the design deposit submitted towards the drafting fees when you move from a DSA (Design Service Agreement) into a PSA (Purchase and Sales Agreement).


You can start planning your dream home today! Call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here: Get started on your journey>>

Client focused Home Design Services

Join us for Lindal's webinar on Client focused home design with OM Studio on Wednesday Sept 5 at 6pm MST 

This webinar is hosted by Aris George, the owner of OM Studios and former faculty member of almost 30 years at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.  Airs lead in the collaboration between the school and Lindal in the creation of the Architects Collaborative and the Lindal Imagine Series. 

During this Webinar you will learn about the process and how to get started. You will also learn about the benefits of partnering with OM Studios for a more collaborative home design experience - at the fraction of the cost of hiring an architect.

Join us by registering for the Home Design Services Webinar today>>

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