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Lindal Architects Collaborative - Live Webinar

Date: SUNDAY, March 15th  (2pm CST)
Event: Lindal Architects Collaborative Live Online Webinar
Time: 5 pm BC //6 pm Alberta // 7 pm Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Description:  During this one hour live presentation, you will learn about the Architects and their approach to designing these beautiful modern residences, and how you can personalize each one to make it your own.  Lindal is a product that Designers dream about! We invite you to preview the work of Lindal Elements and The Lindal Architects Collaborative (LAC). The LAC is a growing collection of highly regarded US and Canadian architects, selected for their skillfully beautiful use of wood. Working closely with Lindal design and production staff, each has developed Lindal designs with the efficiency of Lindal's building system. This key ingredient, shared by all of these modern designs, enables you to choose the design you prefer, then work with us, Prairie Cedar Homes, (Lindal's Top North American Dealer 2013) and Lindal's design experts to personalize the design to celebrate your site and lifestyle while respecting your time and budget.

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Lindal Architect Collaborative

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