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Low Sloped Roof Lines in Snow Country

Living in Western Canada, areas that get a lot of snow often have similar-looking 'pitched' roofs. 

We often get questions on whether our custom homes can have flat or sloped roofs, and the answer is of course!

No matter the style of house, roofs have a bigger purpose than just enclosing the home! They are meant to protect you from the weather and with the right materials, proper drainage, and well-thought-out engineering, you can have a sloped or flat roof even in the middle of snow country.

There are actually many benefits to having a sloped or flat roof! 

Allowing snow to accumulate on your roof can actually help to provide a kind of blanket that allows for insulation for the spaces beneath it.

Roofs like this can make for a more energy-efficient home and green home.

We can build your Lindal Home in Snow Country, or anywhere in the World!

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