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Fall in the Prairies - Your Prairie Custom Home

Fall in the prairies means more than the changing color of leaves.

It's cooler, dryer weather, cozy sweaters, and sitting by the fire...and sometimes snow!

Building a home in the prairie provinces isn't easy, we have unpredictable weather and our homes need to be able to weather whatever comes their way.

With over 25 years of experience building in western Canada, we know that we can help you create the perfect custom home; whether that home is one you want to retire in, vacation in, or use as a rental property.

If you want a home in a rural area or more urban setting like Moose Jaw or Regina, we have the experience to custom design for your site and your wish list, to work within your budget, and deliver a home that is Uniquely Yours. A home that is a joy to live in, inspired, and designed for your lifestyle while respecting the natural environment!

Learn more about what we can do for you in the Fall issue of Saskatoon Home Magazine.

Building Your Legacy

To learn how we can help you make your dream home come to life with Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes, call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here: Register with Fine Point Cedar Homes. 

Featured in Forbes: 75 years of excellence!


Custom Built Home - Fine Points Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes are known all over the world. From Vancouver to Tokyo, our homes and happy families can be found!

We at Lindal Western Canada are so happy and proud to work under the Lindal Cedar Homes name, knowing that there are 75 years of beautifully build cedar homes and excellent customer service. With renowned architects, quality materials, and representatives that are with you along the way, you can be assured that your custom home will be the best!

Forbes contributor Sheri Koones wrote an excellent article about the history and concept of Lindal Cedar Homes and interviewed Sig Benson, Vice President of marketing at Lindal. The article is an exciting read. Not only do you get to hear from Sig, but you also get to see homes built by Lindal from one built-in 1967 to one built-in Hokkaido, Japan.

Learn more about Lindal's unique take on prefab homes

As a leader in prefab homes and a global company, we can manufacture a home that is not only designed to you and your family's lives but also one that is built for the climate and terrain of where your home will be built.

Our unique take on prefab homes allows us to be flexible with your house design. You can customize and personalize it to your family's taste. And with only quality products used and a lifetime warranty you can be sure that your house will be built to last.

Everything from the roof to the windows to the wall can be done to your specific design. 



Custom Built Home - Fine Point Cedar Homes


Ready to Design and Build Your New Home? Exceptional Quality!

Spring is here ~ the time is Now!  

As the world’s leading manufacturer of custom Cedar homes, we know what it takes to transform your dreams into a living environment that reflects your passion, your priorities, and your personal sense of comfort, security and style.

 The exceptional quality of our building materials, engineering and design process also supports quality construction, helping to ensure you enjoy the best building experience and custom home value in the market today and tomorrow!

We provide estimates for a turnkey design.  A minimal initial deposit triggers our Lindal Drafting team and Lindal Engineering team to produce preliminary plans and revisions as needed.  On your approval, Final Construction Plans are produced.

You let us know when you are ready for your home and we will begin the manufacture of your home and schedule delivery.

Architectural Designs, Engineered for your building site, Quality Building Materials, Dependable Construction teams ready to go - what are you waiting for?


Prairie Cedar Homes-Top North American Lindal Dealers 2013!

The 2014 Lindal Annual International Dealers Meeting was held in Seattle WA January 23 - 25th, 2014; and our fellow Lindal Dealers from around the world - Japan, Russia, Ukraine, UK, New Zealand, Australia,  Lindal Dealers from across Canada and USA! These were full days, exchanging ideas, launching new programs, and new products. The highlight of our meetings is our Lindal Awards Ceremony, where the Top 10 Lindal Dealers are recognized for the previous year's efforts, with the announcement of TOP INTERNATIONAL LINDAL DEALER; AND TOP NORTH AMERICAN LINDAL DEALER, TOP CANADIAN LINDAL DEALER!

We, Douglas and Barbara, Prairie Cedar Homes, are so very thankful to have been blessed with wonderful clients who seek our high level of service and care, wanting the fine craftsmanship, beauty and harmony that Lindal Cedar Homes delivers!  Our customers homes are built right across Western Canada, from beautiful BC to Mountain view Alberta, endless skies of Saskatchewan to lake country Manitoba; our Lindal customers' homes are unique - one of a kind homes - crafted from quality, strength and beauty that Lindal offers, backed by the industry's only Lifetime Structural Warranty.  We were awarded with Top North American Lindal Dealer, Top Canadian Lindal Dealer for 2013.

(Past accomplishments have been Top Western North American Dealer 2012, Top Canadian Dealer, Top 10 Lindal Dealer since 2006)

For photos of homes built in your area, go to our Gallery page

Barb Pocha, Bob Lindal, Doug Pocha

Doug Pocha Barb Pocha Bob Lindal

Marty Lindal, Bob Lindal, Doug and Barb Pocha, Doug Lindal

You're Invited to a Lindal Architects Collaborative

We invite you to preview the work of The Lindal Architect Collaborative (LAC). The LAC is a growing collection of US and Canadian architects, selected for their skillfully beautiful use of wood. Working closely with Lindal design and production staff, each has developed Lindal designs with the efficiency of Lindal's building system. The key ingredient, shared by all these modern designs, enables you to choose the design you prefer, then work with your Lindal dealer and Lindal's design experts to personalize the design to celebrate your site and lifestyle, while respecting your time and budget. During this one hour live presentation, you will learn about the architects and their approach to designing these beautiful, modern residences, and how you can personalize each one to make it your own. 

This Live Online Webinar will be held on January 15, 2014, at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)

Register here


How to build your wish-list home with Lindal Cedar Homes

For those people looking to build the home that has been on their wish-list, family-owned Lindal Cedar Homes can deliver—literally—and have been doing so since 1945. 

Internationally renowned, Lindal is the largest manufacturer of quality cedar homes around the world!  For the past 14 years, Douglas Pocha has been the Lindal Cedar Homes dealer in Saskatchewan and commanded Manitoba along the way, building across Western Canada. Douglas’ wife Barbara has joined in the family owned business, and assists customers for BC and Alberta out of their Calgary Show Home location.  They can provide the necessary expertise to design, supply and build your legacy and their many awards are evidence of that! In the 14 years in business, for several years consecutively, their Company has been awarded as one of the Top Ten Dealers Worldwide, as well as being the Top Canadian Dealer; and also Top Dealer for all of Western North America! 

Lindal Cedar Homes has a reputation for building impressive, one-of-a-kind, unique custom homes, but they always build to suit your lifestyle and work within your budget. They’ve built smaller cottage-style homes, individual living units, lake resort vacation homes, acreage estate properties and rural acreage sites. They also offer Commercial projects such as hotels and resort facilities, golf clubhouses, community centres, convention centres, churches, commercial retail mall properties and office buildings.  They are leaving a Lindal Legacy with “Lindal sub-divisions” all across the West, in places such as Neis Beach, Lumsden and Sylvan Lake, and now in Costa Rica! 

Nearly 60,000 homes have been built under the Lindal name so they can offer thousands of home plan selections.  “All our homes are Custom designed.  Together with our Lindal staff of professionals, we work with you to create your design,” says Barb.  

The design of each Lindal—the placement of windows, depth of overhangs, many key features—respond to the site’s natural conditions. The selection of sustainable building materials and finishes follow.  Above all, homes are engineered according to the site and surroundings

Lindal delivers uncompromising quality.  Beautifully crafted of warm natural materials.  Lindal’s signature and success is the soaring volumes, open spaces and delicately articulated expanses of glass that inspire daily living like no other. Some credit the warm glow of cedar, mated with the massive strength of the post and beam frame and the enduring stability of the homes and the company that produces them. Others credit the quality and continuous refinement. Or is it the unmatched calm and comfort of the Lindal home style, in stark contrast to life itself? 

Given the fact that, like snowflakes, no two Lindal homes are identical, the secret to the Classic’s longevity may well be the flexibility of the Lindal post-and-beam building system and its ability to respond to virtually every site and every homeowner’s vision in varied architectural styles without sacrificing its predictability and efficiency.

Lindal recently embarked on the Lindal Architect Collaborative, where nine world renowned architects, including those from the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, creating some incredible and unique designs for their Lindal customers. These include modular homes and Additional Dwelling Units. “These newly designed Modular properties are the answer to those people in the oil and gas industry and those who may want to move their more elderly parents to their own property,” says Barb.

To top it off, Lindal guarantees their properties with the Lifetime Structural Warranty on every Lindal home. 

To build your home, on your budget, your way, contact Lindal Cedar Homes by phone, email, or drop by for a visit.

MOD.FAB™ from Taliesin - Portable Living and Elegant Style!

Portable Living. Architectural Style. $199,000*

We are currently taking orders to have this beautiful modular home finished, and ready to be moved to your site! Complete with the beauty and strength of Lindal Cedar Homes exceptional materials, composite siding, dual Low E Argon windows, floor to ceiling windows, Full Lite glass fir exterior doors, laminate flooring, granite counters, fireplace (electric), electric heating, 800 sf of style *$199,000 plus shipping costs and taxes. (optional : Stainless Steel appliances)

In Saskatchewan & Manitoba call Toll Free 1-888-505-1337
In Alberta & BC call Toll Free 1-866-570-8551


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