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Modernism - Lindal Approach

The Lindal approach to modernism derives from the origins of North American modernism. The implementation of this movement has had a positive impact in our "Lindal Design Plan", and it has allowed our approaches to design and architecture to be more complete, and successful over time.

Our approach to modernism includes important key factors that help you as a client have more advantages when we are designing your home:

  • Responsiveness to the environment: We build houses that adapt to different conditions, and we use those conditions to your advantage. Our main focus is to create houses adaptable to client evolving lifestyles.
  • Flexibility: Our houses are flexible to adapt to a variety of sites and climatic demands. This also includes flexibility in modern house designs such as two-level houses, one-story houses, and even off the grid designs. 
  • Efficiency: Our approach to efficiency heavily relies on our experience and the understanding we have of our system to minimize expenditures.
  • Simplicity and Order: Organization is very important, especially when designing the house you want. We make sure designs are easy to understand inside out without overcomplicating things. 
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