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Homes that connect you to the environment

Our Team is passionate about building high performing homes that are cost effective, and especially focused on being eco-friendly.  With our LEED Certified Professional Team, there are multiple practical solutions and options - we customize our planning, creating highly efficient homes.  Its all about finding the best balance in cost, feasibility, comfort and performance! 

To have a Green Home you have many options we can guide you through, that will work with your budget. We will provide you with options to work in future components by building smart starting with your planning stages. We will show you options that fit your lifestyle and budget, which will end up saving you on your heating and energy performance in the long term!

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Many of our clients have chosen Warmboard™ radiant heat as an option for their heating systems in their Lindal Home, using a source of natural gas, geothermal loop, or electricity. Improved air quality, and lower energy bills are some of the benefits!