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Protect Your New Home From Rising Costs

When you design and build a custom home, cost is something that is always front of mind! It's a big purchase and investment, whether it is a home you want to retire in, vacation in, or use as a rental property.

With the cost of materials and lumber increasing, we want to give peace of mind as you start your home project with us.

What is that peace of mind? If you place your home order with Lindal by June 15, 2021, we will lock in your home price through November 30, 2021!

How can we guarantee that when other custom home suppliers can't? It's simple, due to our long-standing relationships with premium lumber and other material suppliers, we can offer you this guarantee!

When you choose a Fine Point Cedar/Lindal home, you get personal support through the entire process. We help you build a beautiful home, designed for your budget and lifestyle, and guaranteed with a lifetime structural warranty.

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