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How the Price of Lumber Could Affect the Price of Your Custom Dream Home

Cost can be (and often is) a significant factor in buying or building a house. When going the route of building a home, price is even more so on the mind. The cost of the land, cost to design, and the cost of the materials. And living in Canada, the primary material used to build houses is lumber/wood. 

Unfortunately, lumber's price has been going up and doesn't look to be going down anytime soon. Since most homes built in Canada are made from lumber, this means higher prices for newly built homes and custom build homes.

There has been a downturn in production at sawmills, and an increase in demand as more people now have the time to tackle home improvement projects. Due to this increased demand and the lower amount of output from sawmills, prices have gone up.

So what does this mean for our clients? Those who have started to build or are in the process? Well, you should have received, or will soon, an email regarding this issue. We want to assure you that Fine Point Cedar Custom homes and Lindal Dealers in Western Canada have ways to mitigate future cost increases as you go on your journey in building a Lindal custom home.

But, what does this mean for those who are still in the thinking phase? Those who haven't decided yet whether or not they want to build a custom home?

Well, it means that this is the time to make that decision. Are you ready to build the home you've always wanted? The one where you and your family will grow in, your forever home. 

Deciding to build is a difficult one, one that deserves time and much consideration. Lumber prices don't look to be going down, but interest prices are the lowest they have ever been, and Lindal Custom Homes offers 30-day price protection! Lindal offers specific terms of price protection better than your local lumberyard, prices that you couldn't get there! Check out our other blog post on the cost of building a Lindal home.

Barb and Doug Pocha of Lindal Dealers in Western Canada, will be there to help you during your custom home journey. Not only that, but Lindal has a Lifetime Warranty on their houses, a home that once finished we know you'll love.

We also have pre-fab homes, which can be a little lighter on the wallet and our new Lindal Imagine Series, which has seven different styles of homes to choose from. These were created with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, homes that were designed for the modern middle-class family! 

From our quick ship homes to our newest Imagine Series, Lindal offers a dream custom home that is perfect for your family and your budget.

So, while lumber prices are increasing, that doesn't mean you have to put off building your dream home!

To learn how to build a Custom Lindal Imagine Series Home with Fine Point Cedar Homes/Lindal Dealers in Western Canada, call us at 1-855-554-6325 (1-855-5 LINDAL) or register your interest here: Register with Lindal.

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