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Upcoming Lindal Webinars

We have another webinar coming up! There is one today and on the 16th of June.

The Lindal Imagine Series

The Lindal Imagine Series: June 3 - 5 P.M. (PST) 6 P.M. (MST)

We have talked before about how Lindal Western Homes has partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to create a series of homes that incorporate the famous architect's designs. These homes incorporate his Usonian design and are made to be affordable and beautiful!

In this webinar, you will learn about the similarities —and differences— between our homes and Wrights' originals, and how to build one on your lot. You can get the beauty of a Frank Lloyd Wright home with the guaranteed craftsmanship of a Lindal Western home.

Register for this hour-long webinar and learn from our presenters Aris Georges and Trina Lindal, for this unique presentation. There will be a live Q&A where they will answer your queries. 

The Elements of Modern Home Design

The Elements of Modern Home Design: June 16th - 5 P.M (PST) 6 P.M. (MST)

In this webinar, you will learn about the flexible, modular Lindal Elements system that adds efficiency and predictability to the home design and building process. In order to address today's increased complexity of building, the modern Lindal Elements system was created.

Learn about how this design process will help you when you are building your dream Lindal home! Michael Harris, the creator of the Lindal Elements system, will be the presenter of this webinar. Learn from him how we use this modern system to create personalized homes of great value for our clients. 

Register Here

To learn about how you can build a Custom Lindal Home with Lindal, call us at 1-855-554-6325 (1-855-5 LINDAL) or register your interest here: Register with Lindal

Featured in Forbes: 75 years of excellence!


Custom Built Home - Fine Points Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes are known all over the world. From Vancouver to Tokyo, our homes and happy families can be found!

We at Lindal Western Canada are so happy and proud to work under the Lindal Cedar Homes name, knowing that there are 75 years of beautifully build cedar homes and excellent customer service. With renowned architects, quality materials, and representatives that are with you along the way, you can be assured that your custom home will be the best!

Forbes contributor Sheri Koones wrote an excellent article about the history and concept of Lindal Cedar Homes and interviewed Sig Benson, Vice President of marketing at Lindal. The article is an exciting read. Not only do you get to hear from Sig, but you also get to see homes built by Lindal from one built-in 1967 to one built-in Hokkaido, Japan.

Learn more about Lindal's unique take on prefab homes

As a leader in prefab homes and a global company, we can manufacture a home that is not only designed to you and your family's lives but also one that is built for the climate and terrain of where your home will be built.

Our unique take on prefab homes allows us to be flexible with your house design. You can customize and personalize it to your family's taste. And with only quality products used and a lifetime warranty you can be sure that your house will be built to last.

Everything from the roof to the windows to the wall can be done to your specific design. 



Custom Built Home - Fine Point Cedar Homes


Building a Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Home in Calgary

Marda Loop - Alberta Lindal Home


Building A Custom Home in Calgary


There are so many reasons to build a custom home in Calgary. Calgary has beautiful neighborhoods, the mountains are less than 2 hours away, and of course, there is Stampede! Another reason is that interest rates are the lowest they have been in decades.


Imagine Series - Lindal Homes


Another great reason to build or start planning your custom home in Calgary is that you can build a Lindal Imagine home. Lindal Cedar Homes has partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to launch this fantastic new series of homes. These houses are inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian homes and have been updated for modern living. These Usonian homes were built to be affordable and customizable to the middle class, many of these houses are single level, which means less to heat in the cold Calgary winters! They emphasize functional floor plans, low-pitched roofs, and deep overhangs.



When building your Frank Lloyd Wright Inspire home, you will be able to choose from seven different designs, all premium materials pre-engineered, and coming with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. These homes are also pre-fab, meaning all you have to do is choose and finalize your design with Doug or Barb and buy your plot of land. Your home will be shipped there and assembled on your property!



For the new series, Lindal wanted the home designs to meet the needs and lifestyles of today's families, deeply rooted in Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Organic Architecture' principles of harmony, sustainability, and integration with nature. These homes are designed with spaces for quiet reflection and exuberant celebration.


Marda Loop - Alberta Lindal Home







THE LINDAL IMAGINE SERIES WEBINAR: Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Home Designs for Modern Living

Wednesday August 29th - 6:00 PM MST//CST

An introduction to seven new home designs. All the homes are inspired by the Usonian houses of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Join our webinar to preview these beautiful homes. During the presentation, we discuss the architectural features they share with the original designs. Presented by Frank Lloyd Wright School of architecture graduate and former faculty member Aris Georges. Georges designed several of the new Imagine Series homes. Following the webinar, join us for a live Q&A.

Click Here to Register

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