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Your Forever Home | Client Reviews

If there are two things we love, it's making our client's dream homes come to life and a happy client!

When you choose to work with us to make your custom home a reality you get:

  • Elegant architecture
  • Your dream home realized on your site
  • The Lindal Guarantee
  • and so much more!
Just ask our satisfied and happy clients! 

Clients like Rhonda K.

Hi Barb and Doug,

I just thought I would drop you a note as we sit here overlooking the lake and enjoying our Lindal lake home this long weekend ... I wanted to build a small house on a limited budget at the lake. 

I called and talked to many people, but either my budget was too small or my plans were too small... Except when I talked to you Barb. 

You took a simple sketch of a house plan, worked with me on the budget, and always made me feel like this dream was possible. We had a lot of bumps in the road to getting the house built, but you and Doug were so supportive and helpful. I really appreciated that extra care and kindness ... Thank you for making my dream come true ... I am forever grateful.

Read more testimonials from happy clients and see how we can help you make your dream/custom home a reality.

Building Your Legacy

To learn how we can help you make your dream home come to life with Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes, call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here: Register with Fine Point Cedar Homes. 

Our Clients Tell You a Whole Story

For 22 years we have helped clients design, plan, and find great options for builders in Western Canada!

We have helped many couples, families, and retirees make their dream home come into reality and we are very proud of that. When you work with us, we ensure that your home is exactly as you want it; we help find a builder, stay in budget, and design a home that fits your needs.

'We built our house long-distance in 2006/07 in Invermere/BC while living in Saskatoon. The support from Lindal's Saskatoon dealer Doug Pocha was phenomenal considering the great distance of around 1000 km to our building site. We are now approaching 12 years of living in our Lindal home and still love it like on the first day.' - Wolfgang P, Invermere BC

Find more testimonials from our clients here.

We can help you build a home to retire in or a home that you can vacation in or give you extra income.

Building Your Legacy

To learn how to make your dream home come to life with Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes, call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here: Register with Fine Point Cedar Homes.

Your Welcoming Classic Fine Point Cedar Home

Whether you're building a vacation home, second home, or home to retire in building a home that is will last means building a home that focuses on classic designs and features!

Your new home can be built with soaring walls of windows, in panoramic style front views, vaulted ceilings and functional interior spaces. These features will allow for great natural light and an open and airy feel! Panoramic windows are the perfect touch for a rental or vacation property where you want to enjoy your view.

All our Classic Homes are unique! The secret to the longevity of this style is the flexibility of the Lindal Post and Beam building system. This system is designed to for its flexibility to customize to every homeowners vision without sacrificing its predictability and efficiency! 

When you build your Classic Custom Home with Fine Point Cedar and Prairie Homes, you not only get us helping you along the way (from walking the site to helping you through the design process), you also get a home the will stand the test of time!

Design – Supply – Build!

To learn how to build your Custom Home with Fine Point and Prairie Cedar Homes, call us at 1-855-554-6325 or register your interest here: Register with Fine Point Cedar Homes

Our Green Thumb - Going Green with Fine Point Cedar Homes

Going green isn't just a tagline anymore; it's a way of life. It's doing small things in our everyday life to help the planet!

For us, it is so much more than a tagline. We are passionate about building cost-effective, eco-friendly, high-performing homes, and we know that it is essential to you and our other clients for you and our other clients. When you build with Fine Point Cedar Homes, you are getting the Lindal Guarantee and so much more! 

When you choose to build with us, they will walk the job site with you, talk you through each step of the build, and help you fully design your home, whether that home is your final forever home or the home you retire in!

We will help you craft and build the home of your dreams that is a joy to live in. One that is inspired by your lifestyle and respects the natural environment capturing your best views with soaring spans of glass, Passive Solar, and other 'Green Power' options, and built within your budget.

Design – Supply – Build!