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Going Green

Zero energy homes are gaining momentum for Canadian homeowners. 

With the new Government of Canada standards, buildings will become much more energy efficient by using clean electricity and even generating their own electricity.

Well-designed, efficient buildings are comfortable and healthy – and they save Canadians money on energy bills. Zero energy homes combine energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as it can produce on site.


With Fine Point Cedar Homes and our Partner Lindal Cedar Homes, homeowners in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and BC are always able to custom-build energy efficient homes that are stunning and good for the environment. 

 At Lindal Western Canada, the goal is to preserve the nature that our homes celebrate.  

 To do that, we

  • source our materials in a sustainable manner
  • help homeowners choose a site that has the least impact on the surrounding  environment
  • use efficient building techniques
  • plant 20 trees for each home we build

When you work with us, we will guide you step by step in designing, planning and building your sustainable new homeYour home will utilize quality materials backed by the industry's only Lifetime Structural Warranty, 75 years of proven expertise, and our LEED professional experts. 

Choosing Fine Point Cedar Homes is the ideal choice for homeowners who are looking for eco-conscious planning and designs to build a custom home that integrates and celebrates nature!

To find out more about our Green Prefab Homes

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Going Green - Lindal's Sustainable Energy Efficient Homes

As you may know, Earth Day was last week on the 22nd of April. We wanted to let everyone know what Lindal is and has been doing to help support and protect the environment.

As a globally renowned company, we must ensure that we provide our home builders with green options, especially since building green custom homes is becoming more and more popular.

In addition to our revamped website (stay tuned for more information), we want to highlight the information about what it means to go green with Lindal Western Canada Homes and build a Green Home. 

Read about our passion for building cost-effective, eco-friendly, high performing homes, and about our partnership with Proud Green Homes.

Proud Green Homes

Lindal homes are widely recognized for their relationship to the natural environment, but our commitment goes far beyond capturing breathtaking panoramic views.

Proud Green Homes is an online company that is dedicated to helping industry professions, such as home builders, remodellers, architects, etc., learn about and integrate high performance, sustainable, and "green" strategies, systems, and products to their homes, both new and remodelled.

'The mission of is to accelerate the adoption of high-performance strategies, systems, and products for all types of single-family and multifamily, new and remodelled homes.'

Lindal Western Homes is happy and proud to partner with such a fantastic company. Proud Green Homes publishes a plethora of digital information that is relevant and of the best quality. This information provides knowledge, inspiration, and so much more on creating and living in homes that are: 

  • Energy and water-efficient
  • Healthier
  • More comfortable
  • Lower maintenance
  • More dependable